At Fortranplus we offer Fortran training courses, consultancy and up-to-date information relating to modern Fortran.

The two main courses we offer are:


Introduction to Programming with Modern Fortran, which is suitable for complete beginners with little or no programming experience.


Advanced Modern Fortran, which is a follow on to the introductory course but also targets people with experience in another programming language and wanting to convert to modern Fortran.


Both courses can be tailored to suit clients' needs.

For people with legacy Fortran 66 and 77 code we offer a Conversion to modern Fortran course.

We have a very useful Fortran resource file  which has the latest Fortran information including Fortran compilers, Fortran books, Fortran courses & Fortran discussion forums.
Fortran resource file - updated 21 September 2022
Adobe Acrobat document [783.3 KB]

We also offer a Fortran consultancy service. Please see our consultancy pages for more details.

"Excellent course"
"I would like to thank you again for all of your help with learning and understanding FORTRAN and C++, it was incredibly valuable on my course."
"just wanted to say a big thank you for your tutor sessions. I got my results today and I got a B for the module. Couldn't have done it without you"
"Lecturer(s) presentation: very good
Course materials: very good
Practical content: very good
Strong points of the course: well-arranged
tutors (big advantage was that were two, much time for individual consultations)"

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